You're on your way to upgrading to a wedding documentary...

We craft the cohesive story of your Queer wedding journey

More than words. More than photos. More than videos.


This mindful crew of award-winning LGBTQ filmmakers and editors are personally invested in creating an immersive experience for your big celebration.

Interviews of those closest to you will be interwoven with the recording of your ceremony and reception, crafting a thoughtful tapestry of your relationship with the help of those who know you best.

The #PrideJoyLegacy Team encourages a digital detox where guests abandon their phones and cameras, as they hope to foster a sense of intimate connection to your ceremony that your whole wedding party can share.

Later on, when looking at the final edit of your documentary, you and your loved ones can savor this once-in-a-lifetime moment.

To embellish your production with cinematic flair, the crew can use such technology as drones to capture breathtaking overhead shots of your event.

Choosing to work with these talented cinematographers ensures that you are in capable hands, with artists that are excited to help you tell your story.

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It started with award-winning short films, including a documentary about Margaret Cho and Friends in the Bay Area who decided to help the homeless of San Francisco...then as members of the LGBTQ community, the #PrideJoyLegacy Team was ignited by a passion to film loving couples and put them "in your face" so that everyone could see once and for all how #LoveIsLove as we take action to chip away at bigotry.

We contend that greater visibility is what will help friends and relatives understand that love remains the greatest family value.


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